Born in Milwaukee, educated at Brandeis and later at the Timothy Leary commune in Millbrook, NY, I spent most of my life in trivial pursuits – like making a living. After chucking it all and traveling around the world for ten years like a dandelion seed on the wind, I settled in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and renewed my old love of writing.

I am an active member of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, and conduct a weekly workshop for serious authors. I was chairman for the 7th Annual PVWG International Writers Conference in February,  2012.

In the last two years, I have self published four full-length non-fiction books, and have just finished working on my first novel, a historical fantasy of 1492 called King David’s Harp.I fully expect it to be a blockbusting best-seller, filled as it is with pirates, adventurers, corrupt Popes several heroes, and a search for clues to the hiding place of the harp of King David, the recovery of which might bring about the return of the Messiah.

Ted waiting for Dave's next move

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