In Love with Words

Words are more than just a writer’s tools; they are his reason for existing. Well, existing as a writer anyway; we do have other tools for other jobs, but since this a blog about writing, let’s pretend that nothing else exists.

The writer who loves words can’t keep himself from playing with them; if they were children, he’d be arrested as a pedophile. Always posing them this way and that to the best effect, he might also be considered a torturer; pulling, twisting, tweaking, stretching, and otherwise abusing them to get them to reveal their hidden meanings: the ones that fit perfectly in the sentence.

Luckily for a writer’s sanity, there are a limited number of such words to a page, so writers who actually are insane can’t really use that as an excuse.

You know who you are.

In my own writing, I find that I can spend hours on one or two sentences. Not necessarily all at once, but in the aggregate of all the readings, re-readings, and re-re-readings. There’s always a new twist to explore.

Maybe I’m insane. (I just spent 5 minutes on the difference between I’m and I am in the sentence.)

I know that we’re all trying to sell our books, but I’d like to try and keep this blog mostly about writing, not selling. A calm break,if you will, from the mad world of publishing & marketing that’s getting madder by the day.

Come, relax, talk about our favorite subject. Let your hair down – but try to keep it out of your eyes.

Call me Ted.